McKibben Project Narrative

Yorktown, Indiana 

Verisite reports the viability of the development of the site into an industrial facility with possible access to the railroad and examines the potential development issues associated with a new facility on this site.


The property is generally flat draining slightly towards the center where the existing drainage basin is located. The western portion of the property presents a feasible option for new development due to the steady grades. It appears the existing drainage basin has room for expansion to the south allowing more developable land on the western side of the property.


The proposed 72.55-acre site is located east of S. Marsh Ave. (S. Co. Rd. 600 W.) and south of CSX Transportation Incorporated railroad in Yorktown, Indiana. The site is currently zoned Industrial (IN) and Multi-Family Low Density (M1). This site will need to go through the rezoning process to become entirely IN: Industrial. This rezoning will address the setbacks, parking, landscaping, and signage requirements for the site. 


This site is a green site and does not have any existing utilities or any type of easements available. The industrial facilities north of the railroad has most if not all utilities. Storm, water, sanitary, phone, cable, gas and Comcast Internet are available and it should be noted that any type of extension of the utilities south under the railroad tracks may result in additional fees.  The residential neighborhood east of the site also has most if not all utilities and can be extended to the site as necessary.  This is typically done at the expense of the utility in exchange for the new service contract with the facility.


It is anticipated that there will be two access points to the facility from S. Marsh Ave. (S. Co. Rd. 600 W.).  Per the flood map, which can be found in the appendices, the site in not located within a flood plain.


The property is currently zoned Industrial (IN) and Multi-Family Low Density (M1) but as mentioned previously, the property will need to be rezoned to IN: Industrial entirely.

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