Reducing Risk for Site Selection Consultants, Corporate Executives and Developers

In light of the recent Amazon HQ2 contest taking place across the country, people are actively seeking to better understand the deciding factors involved in a major organization’s process for selecting a site. When a company needs to expand or relocate its operations, it is primarily looking to find a place where its business operations can perform efficiently and effectively. But with so many communities shouting about their assets, high-ranking quality of life and available sites and buildings, how do site selection consultants, corporate executives, developers or even the communities themselves know which site could be the best fit to help them achieve their goals? 

What is Verisite?

Verisite is the result of a partnership that brings considerable industry experience. It is the combined expertise of three tenured firms that have designed and built the proprietary platform and process for Verisite site certification. Working together, these firms offer the unique and calculated perspective, expertise and experience for the Verisite Site Certification program. As a result, Verisite has finally established the universal definitions and designations for site certification, offering a new, trustworthy standard for property owners, developers and communities that utilizes a consistent and standardized set of criteria to determine all aspects of a site’s readiness for development.

The Value of Certification 

Many people have asked, “But is it worth it? How do you certify successful (re)development?” These are very important questions that I think many consultants in the economic development industry do not answer well. What VERISITE is not saying is “do it and they will come.” What VERISITE IS saying (and requiring, for that matter), is to conduct the comprehensive analysis by well-known professionals and site selectors, then follow-through on marketing!

New Data Center Legislation, Indiana opportunity?


Indiana wins big with House enrolled Act 1405 allowing the Hoosier state to effectively compete in the attraction of data centers. This ground breaking legislative action creates an excellent opportunity for communities that have the necessary infrastructure assets as well as those that are prepared to respond to site location requests.  

Speed to Market: Why Should you Care?

Just like emerging businesses that work hard to turn prototypes into products that expand their business, firmly established businesses work hard to carefully research and select the best-fit locations for their company’s expansion. And just like emerging entrepreneurs who take too long to commercialize their products, established businesses that take too long to find an appropriate site for relocation/expansion many times lose precious time, revenue, and opportunities to surpass their competitors. Yet, communities, developers, and property owners undervalue tools that critically heighten their competitiveness, such as site certification.

Press Releases

Mitchell, Indiana

MITCHELL, Ind, (Sept. 19, 2019) — Mitchell Industrial Park becomes the first location in southern Indiana to take advantage of a new site planning and certification program through Radius Indiana’s partnership with Verisite.

The City of Mitchell, along with the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council and Radius, joined forces with Verisite, a newly formed initiative offering an alternative and proprietary program to certify sites for development readiness that can increase marketability to site selectors and developers.

The City and its partners requested Verisite’s support to determine the best way to market the site, identify assets and challenges and to create an ideal site layout for the industrial park. Following the exclusive Verisite process, the park now has the capability to house a variety of industry sectors.

Yorktown, Indiana

January 18, 2019—(Yorktown, IN) The town of Yorktown, Indiana has announced the certification of a local 72.55-acre property by the Verisite Certification Program as a prime site for industrial development. The McKibben site is located East of S. Marsh Ave. (S. Co. Rd. 600 W.) and South of CSX Transportation Incorporated railroad approximately 0.5 miles south of S.R. 32 (Smith St.).

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