Verisite utilizes expertise from the nationally renowned site selector and engineering partnership between Ginovus, Veridus Group and Plaka to execute the proprietary approach used to determine a site’s viability to obtain certification.




Properties can be certified as Verisite Silver or Verisite Gold. These certifications provide a comprehensive understanding of the property and its potential for owners, brokers, developers, economic development professionals, and site selectors.


The proprietary Verisite certification process will assess specific site information such as existing conditions, zoning and utilities in order to determine the level of convenience and market value the site can offer to interested parties. The level of certification will also reflect the marketability of the community surrounding the site. Community appeal will be determined through human capital assessment, educational attainment statics and other relevant factors.

Verisite Silver Certification:


Sites with the Silver level of certification have met the minimum standards to be certified. While there may be some work to be done to prepare the site, the site can soon be ready for development. Silver certification gives marketing professionals the information required to market the site.


Verisite Gold Certification: 


Sites which meet the Gold level of certification are prime and immediately ready for development. They have been researched and certified to the highest level in all facets of the certification process. Gold certification provides brokers, site selectors and developers the highest level of confidence of site-readiness.



Verisite offers continued confidence in its certifications by ensuring that the basis for its initial determination and certification remain in effect. All sites certified through the Verisite process will need to be re-verified every two years, a process that includes confirmation of local marketing efforts and proof of property control, in order for each site to maintain its current certification.

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