The New Standard in Site Certification

In order to verify that a site will be ideally suited for development, the building or property must be run through a comprehensive assessment, otherwise known as a site certification report. The site certification process works to provide key insights on the property location, condition, assets, and economic opportunities. That’s why buyers are more likely to consider sites that have been thoroughly vetted and certified. 

Let's Get Your Site Recognized

Step One: Determination

A stringent set of criteria determines each site's viability to obtain certification with Verisite.

Step Two: Certification

Due diligence and community research allow us to classify properties with either

Silver or Gold Verisite Site Certification.

Step Three: Reverification

Follow-up assessments provide continued confidence in your initial site certification report.

Discover the Verisite Difference


Proper site certification for brownfields helps educate interested parties.



A detailed report will verify your location's readiness for new development.



Properties that meet specific checklist criteria are easier to market and sell.



Certify your greenfield as a true shovel-ready site for serious buyers.


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Courtney Zaugg

Courtney specializes in research and analysis for economic and workforce development.

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Leslie Wagner

Leslie leads clients through location modeling, site selection, and incentive procurement.

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Marlon Webb

Marlon guides municipalities through vertical developments, as well as redevelopment initiatives.

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Larry Gigerich

Larry is a nationally-recognized economic development leader with more than 30 years of experience.

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Tim Jensen

Tim provides a unique perspective to clients as a Certified Professional Engineer and Consultant. 



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