The New Standard in Site Certification


Verisite was founded by a team of nationally recognized economic development consultants, site selectors, civil engineers, developers and experienced commercial real estate professionals with knowledge of the site selection process and expertise in site evaluations.


Evaluation, determination and certification by Verisite adds real value to any property by providing brokers, site selectors, developers and other decision-makers with reliable data and information on all facets of a site’s condition, and sets the new standard in site certification and the site certification process.

Industry Gaps 
Verisite is a comprehensive site certification program which compensates for industry gaps such as brownfields and existing buildings. Verisite's certification sets the new standard by implementing innovative methodological advances. Verisite is the next generation of site marketing.
Baseline Data 
Verisite sets the industry standard in site certification with consistent, comprehensive and confirmed data, increasing the marketability of a site, streamlining transactions and accelerating the speed to market.
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