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Assurance for Companies and Developers

The site selection process always needs to be handled with care. The more information buyers have upfront, the better. That's why site selection consultants, corporate executives, developers, and even communities themselves consistently seek out locations that are either labeled as shovel-ready sites or those that can share a clear site certification report. 

  • Mitigate risks with a comprehensive analysis

  • Increase your project's speed to market

  • Review property location, condition, assets, and more

  • Compare area economics against your industry sector

  • Get a jumpstart on internal due diligence

A credible site certification process helps ensure that the most important details about a property are laid out at the start. These assessments make it easy to review the industry-specific details you need to know in order to feel confident in your project's site selection decision.

Let's Get Your Site Recognized

For sellers, the site certification process helps to move properties to the top of the list for site location consultants and their clients. Because buyers are keen to capitalize on new opportunities quickly, a thorough site review can be a crucial differentiator for getting noticed in today's competitive real estate market.


Providing confirmation that your site's readiness has been properly vetted and reviewed works to motivate buyers to take the next step. At Verisite, we understand that what might be a deficiency for one industry sector could be a major asset for another. How your site certification report is conducted will make all the difference for your marketability and a streamlined transaction. We can help. 

Discover the Verisite Difference. 


Proper site certification for brownfields helps educate interested parties.


A detailed report will verify your location's readiness for new development.



Properties that meet specific checklist criteria are easier to market and sell.



Certify your greenfield as a true shovel-ready site for serious buyers.


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