The Verisite Team
Verisite is the result of a partnership that brings considerable industry experience. It is the combined expertise of three tenured firms that have designed and built the proprietary platform and process for Verisite site certification. Working together, these firms offer the unique and calculated perspective, expertise and experience for the Verisite Site Certification program. As a result, Verisite has finally established the universal definitions and designations for site certification, offering a new, trustworthy standard for property owners, developers and communities that utilizes a consistent and standardized set of criteria to determine all aspects of a site’s readiness for development.
A globally recognized leader working with corporate clients throughout North America and the Caribbean in the areas of location modeling, site selection, economic development incentives procurement and compliance management services, Ginovus brings enhanced credibility to certification through their 17 years of experience.
Veridus Group 
An experienced firm that represents clients in complex real estate development projects, civil engineering, owner representation, and governmental and economic development services. Ultimately, Veridus helps clients focus on results by developing an actionable, realistic roadmap for achieving their goals.
Plaka is a multi-faceted firm supporting industry, start-ups, and economic development leaders in real estate and economic development. Based in Indianapolis, Plaka assists local governments across the U.S. in data analysis and strategies, redevelopment and revitalization planning, strategic planning, project management, capacity building, and innovative economic development through a unique blend of expertise including a certified economic developer. 

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