New Versite Certified Site in Yorktown, Indiana


January 18, 2019—(Yorktown, IN) The town of Yorktown, Indiana has announced the certification of a local 72.55-acre property by the Verisite Certification Program as a prime site for industrial development. The McKibben site is located East of S. Marsh Ave. (S. Co. Rd. 600 W.) and South of CSX Transportation Incorporated railroad approximately 0.5 miles south of S.R. 32 (Smith St.).

Yorktown, Indiana has emerged onto the development scene and grabbed attention through their progressive advancement activities. Boasting two Verisite Certified sites and an energetic downtown redevelopment initiative, Yorktown is demanding national site selector recognition.

The McKibben property is among the first sites to be certified by the Verisite Program.While there are over twenty existing site certification programs across the United States, most of the existing programs are not able to effectively cross state lines. 

Verisite is a comprehensive site certification program, which compensates for industry gaps, such as brownfields and existing buildings. The Verisite Program creates narrative around in-depth market research and analyzes human capital components in order to provides brokers, site selectors, developers and other decision-makers with reliable data and to open up opportunities for places like Yorktown, Indiana to become the next home for industrial innovation and growth.


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