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Promote Your Shovel-Ready Site

There are many advantages of having a shovel-ready site. But in order to stay competitive, landowners need to be able to cleary identify what makes their greenfield stand out. Stating that your property is shovel-ready is only a small piece of the big picture. Working through a specific list of criteria helps educate prospective buyers on exactly why your site is the best fit for their new development.

A comprehensive greenfield site certification report gives sellers a strategic edge for standing out in today's market:

  • Site Overview and Zoning

  • Utility Infrastructure

  • Transportation Access

  • Human Capital, and more

The Verisite greenfield certification process also outlines the area's workforce advantages and quality of life. These details help provide buyers with all of the information they need to quickly assess the location's suitability for their project.

Verisite Greenfield Certification Process

Step One: Determination

A stringent set of criteria determines each site's viability to obtain certification with Verisite.

Step Two: Certification

Due diligence and community research allow us to classify properties with either a Gold or Silver  Site Certification. 

Step Three: Reverification

Follow-up assessments provide continued confidence in your initial site certification report.

Discover the Verisite Difference


Proper site certification for brownfields helps educate interested parties.



A detailed report will verify your location's readiness for new development.



Properties that meet specific checklist criteria are easier to market and sell.



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