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Attract Buyers with a Detailed Report

Site Certification with Verisite provides both sellers and buyers with the comprehensive reporting they need for a streamlined transaction. We are proud to deliver detailed site certification reports to help market shovel-ready sites and other properties to developers, owners, economic development professionals, and discerning buyers.

Marketing your building or property can be an ongoing challenge without the right tools on your side. Let our team at Verisite help you communicate the best features of your site to a wider audience. 

Click below to download a sample Executive Summary or Report:


Step One: Determination

Verisite begins by determining a site’s viability to obtain certification through a proprietary approach.

Step Two: Certification

Verisite conducts due diligence and community research on a site in order to classify the property
with either a Gold or Silver certification. 

Step Three: Verification

Verisite offers continued confidence in its certifications by ensuring that the basis for its initial 
determination and certification remains in effect. All sites certified through the Verisite process
will need to be 
re-verified every two years.

Discover the Verisite Difference


Proper site certification for brownfields help educate interested parties.



A detailed report will verify your location's readiness for new development.



Properties that meet specific checklist criteria area easier to market and sell.



Certify your greenfield as a true shovel-ready site for serious buyers.

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