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Why Verisite?

Verisite brings together the expertise of three tenured firms: Ginovus, Veridus, and Plaka. Together, we work to connect strategic property locations with eager buyers. 

Our proprietary platform and collaborative process for Verisite Site Certification helps set the tone for a streamlined and beneficial transaction for all parties. We provide clients with a unique network of developers and corporate executives, and our comprehensive site certification reports help ensure that the best sites for upcoming development projects get noticed.


 Step One: Determination

We need to assess your site's viability to meet industry-specific criteria. With our team of nationally-recognized site selectors, engineers, and economic development professionals, we're able to provide an unbiased analysis to protect the best interests of both sellers and buyers.

 Step Two: Certification

Due diligence and community assessments are required understanding of property--and its potential. A careful review of existing site conditions, zoning, and utilities allow us to determine the specifications and market value of your property for industry-specific buyers. We also consider the site's surrounding area to better ensure a marketable long-term fit.

Silver Seal.png

Verisite Silver

Verisite Silver Certification provides a detailed overview of the property's potential. These sites may require additional work for certain industry needs, but can soon be ready for development. Utilities are within a half-mile and all other marketability criteria are met.

Gold Seal.png

Verisite Gold

Verisite Gold Certification confirms that the highest levels of site-readiness have already been met. Sometimes referred to as shovel-ready sites, these locations have been thoroughly researched to verify their potential for future developments. Utilities are on-site and all other marketability criteria are met.

 Step Three: Re-verification

On the chance that a site certified through Verisite has not been matched with an appropriate buyer within two years, we will re-verify the site to ensure continued confidence with its certification rating. Once again, this process includes a review of the local marketing efforts.

Discover the Verisite Difference


Proper site certification for brownfields helps educate interested parties.



A detailed report will verify your location's readiness for new development.



Properties that meet specific checklist criteria are easier to market and sell.



Certify your greenfield as a true shovel-ready site for serious buyers.


With over 30 existing site certification programs across the United States, how do you know your site is setting itself apart? Often programs provide basic due diligence and engineering reports for available sites. However, most existing programs are not able to effectively cross state lines much less meet the changing needs of marketing and economic development professionals.

Verisite sets a new industry standard for site certification by offering:

  • consistent, comprehensive and confirmed data

  • increasing the marketability of a site

  • streamlining transactions and

  • accelerating speed to market

The Verisite certification program adds measurable value to any property by providing brokers, site selectors, developers and other decision-makers with reliable data on all facets of a site’s condition. Verisite creates a narrative around in-depth market research and analyzes human capital components in order to build a custom and thorough marketing tool. 

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